Elephant Helps Man Play The Clarinet. This Is So Nice. He’s Smart!

If you thought that elephants are as dumb as some other animals, think again. In fact, Elephants have been known to be quite some intelligent creatures. As a “community,” they’re organized and with a clear sense of direction whenever they decide to something together. Now you ask, can an elephant have a feel for good music?

For that, you need this video. It’s amazing that Elephants tend to learn stuff quite fast. In this cool clip, a good man is playing a clarinet for an elephant, but what he didn’t expect is that the creature would want to play too!

Watch as the elephant reaches out to play the instrument too, and he does just that. The two are so attached in this that at one point, they can’t help giving each other some “high-fives.” The good guy even lets the cool animal put his “finger” on the instrument and actually play it while he blows in some air. So cool!

You’ve never seen anything like this before, and that’s why you want to watch this video to the last mark and SHARE it on Facebook with friends. It’s just awesome!

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