Elephant Spots His Caretaker Being Molested, His Reaction? I’m Left Without Words!

Surely mother earth is blessed with plenty of wonderful creatures.

From the very tiny but hardworking insects who can do wonders to the big ones, every wild creature has its role to play in the world. But again, there are some wild animals who tend to have a good relationship with human beings more than the others.

Even though we know that dogs are considered to be the best friend of man, the elephants follow them closely. Elephants are said to be very intelligent and sentimental animals just like humans are. Although they are considered to be wild animals, they socialize a lot and show love to each other even going to the extent of grieving when one of them dies. In the video below, we clearly observe how the elephants can be compassionate even to human beings.

The elephant in the below clip is known as Thongsri with 17 years, and lives at a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As Thongsri was basking in the sun, he spotted somebody else disturbing his caretaker. He never waited for a second, but rushed to save his caretaker in an amazing way.

I have seen animals make friendship with humans, but this friendship is definitely in another level!

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