Ellen Gets Thrilled By The 8 Year Old, Then This Happens… WOW!

8-year-old Kai is a common face in the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Ellen loves Kia’s singing, and she brought him to her show. He once sang “Roar” and “Cake by the Ocean” for Ellen when he was five.

Kai was in Ellen’s studio again. He performed Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” during the Valentine week for Ellen.  Aside from that, the boy had a hand-made Valentine card for the lovely Ellen.

Eyes closed couples with wild gestures; Kai serenaded the host. Unknown to him,   there was a surprise for him. Ed Sheeran gate crashed his performance.

Apparently, Ed Sheeran was in backstage waiting for his turn on the show. When Ed heard Kai singing, he walked out and surprised his young fan.

While Kai was lost in his singing and oblivious of the crowd cheering, Ed crept up behind him. The look on his face was priceless when he turned around and saw the musician.

Well, that was not the only surprise. Watch the video and see what Ellen had for the boy.

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