Ellen Heard Of The Temporary Breast Enlargement, Then She Invented A Trick. Hilarious!

It’s 2014, and Ellen has just gotten wind of a story about a New York doctor performing temporary breast-enlargement procedures. She learns that you only get to “posses” the enlarged breasts for a mere 24 hours. Another doctor is also doing the same, but these last for a couple weeks. You see, this whole thing is ridiculous, not to mention that you’re parting with a cool $2,500 for the procedure!

Being a smart and fun-loving lady, Ellen invented her own trick and hit the screens to introduce it to her fans in her Show. In fact, she named her invention “Adjust-a-Bust” and got Lauren to wear it and walk onstage for all to see her incredible trick. It’s too hilarious to stomach!

From the video, it’s clear that even Ellen is having a hard time dealing with the outburst. It’s just too funny. This serves to show just how outlandishly ridiculous some beauty products can be, and Ellen is bringing that out in full force. You’re going to laugh your heart out!

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