Even The Cops Know How To Do It. I Can’t Stop Laughing When I Watch Him Do This!

Sometimes, people relate with the police as if they are not human. Just like us, they are prone to mistakes. But they risk their lives to serve us and deserve to be treated as heroes.

The other day, one officer showed the human nature by doing something that surprised everyone. The officer who made the news serves at the Dover Police Department within Dover, Delaware.

This video was released and posted on YouTube by the police department. The officer in question was caught dancing to “Shake It Off”. Was he aware the camera was on? May be the love for Taylor Swift’s song made him forget it!

He was on with his daily routine until the enormous song started playing. The unique rendition he gives to the song will leave you laughing. Hardly do you come across such a great and interesting performance from the men in uniform.

He kills it off whenever he approaches a pedestrian. He stops doing his thing and is seen nodding and waving passionately until he is out of sight. He then returns to his hilarious way of shaking it off!

The department promises to bring us more in the future in what it calls the “DashCam Confessional” series.

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