Ever Known You Only Require Condensed Milk To Make A Delicious Dessert? This Is How It Goes…

Latin American countries are associated with delicious desserts. In fact, it’s hard not to try at least one brand or a new trick whenever you pay them a visit. Take for instance the Dulce de leche which is a dessert topping that’s so delicious and popular within those regions. It is thick, sweet, and creamy and can be a perfect alternative when you need something to drizzle over your ice-cream. If you are aware of caramel, most people liken it to it.

As opposed to caramel, it’s quite easy to make since it is not associated with any form of complications. To ensure you to not ruin the batch when preparing caramel, you have to ensure the correct timing and temperature is adhered to. It’s primarily made of sugar.  On the contrary, there are no strict measures to adhere to when preparing Dulce de leche. Once you watch this one out, you will say ‘bye’ to caramel.

The end result is so delicious despite putting less or no effort to prepare it. You may consider the idea of caramelizing condensed and sweetened milk may sound crazy, but the end results are worth it.

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