Ever Met Or Heard Someone Who Was Dead Speaking To You? Witness It Here!

It does not matter whether you are a devout religious person who believes in resurrection, or a convinced atheist who believes we are just animals in the wheel of evolution. The following true story will leave you re-thinking your beliefs. It is about a young atheist who collapsed while running on the track. He had just suffered a massive cardiac arrest. The doctors could not find or feel any pulse for twenty minutes. However, as they were about to pronounce him dead, his heart started beating again.

He was rushed to a children’s hospital and put on life support until he woke a few days later. That is what happened to Zack, a 17 year-old young athlete. He was just a healthy boy before all this happened to him. His resurrection was a miracle; it could not be explained medically. The doctors had already tried to bring him to life and failed.

However, it is what he narrated after he woke up that made this story go viral. In his death, he said he saw a young man with ruffed hair and a thick beard. He immediately realized that it was Jesus he was seeing. That story has caused a division among viewers and listeners. Some have turned sceptical while others have had a change of heart, while still others have had their beliefs strengthened.

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