Ever Seen A Tiger And A Goat Become Best Friends? Check This Out!!

One of the most endangered species in the world is the Siberian tiger. It is said that there are less than 500 of them on the face of the earth. This means that we should all join hands to see that this species never gets extinct. .

Research shows that because of their thick coat that keeps them from the freezing temperatures, they have become the poachers’ first target so that they can make coats from them.

Since the alert that they would be wiped from the face of the earth is something was not done, some people have put their efforts to prevent that, and the result is that the population is growing. An example of an organization that is doing that is Primorsky Safari Park in Russia.

One thing that these wild animals are characterized with is that they prefer feeding on live food. This has led to people giving live animals to be eaten, soothing that is very sad but demanded by nature.

One time in the Primorsky Safari Park, the caretakers took a goat into the cage of one of the Siberian tiger thinking that the goat would become an easy meal. They were shocked to find that the goat decided to fight for his dear life. When the tiger planned an attack, the goat would do a counter attack which will get the tiger afraid!

After all the attacks went in vain, the tiger gave up. This made the two animals to become friends, with the goat always behind the tiger wherever he goes.

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