Ever Seen Guitars Play Themselves? You’re In For A Rude Shock!

Some talented children simply start exhibiting their special abilities from a very young age. That was the case for some lovely twins who came up with a cover hit song, “I’m Yours.”

These children from North Korea are so young that they can barely hold their guitars. Still, that couldn’t stop them from sharing their love for music. Take a second to look at their amazing talent.

In a few seconds, you will see several kids come on stage to display an unseen talent that has never been seen anywhere else in the world. They all can finger-pick like pros and have perfected the Spanish style.

These little kids can’t even wrap their arms properly around the instruments, however, they play so well and in sync that most adult musicians would be envious.

The kids can play dynamically, alternating between soft and loud without sounding forced or hesitating. No wonder this video is closing in on the 50 million views mark.

One fan said, “This is amazing, I couldn’t even tie shoe laces at that age.”

Someone else simply put it as, “adorable.”

Someone even joked, “I have never imagined guitars can play themselves! Did you see anyone play them?”

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