Ever Witnessed A Lion Play Soccer? It Will Turn You Speechless!

I used to think that the only animals who are playful are the puppies and kittens. After laying my eyes on this clip below, I knew that I was totally wrong. In the clip below, we see a lion playing football. I had to watch it over and over, because of the doubting Thomas in me, until I was totally convinced it was an authentic lion and not a makeup.

This video was taken in Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa. The lion in the video, by the name Triton (I don’t know why they never gave him a footballer’s name) is known to like playing even if he is a mature lion. This can be easily seen from when the caretaker throws the ball to him, as he gets so active from the dormant mood he was in.

Information from the zoo caretakers has it that he will never be aroused by any of the seven female lions he lives with in the zoo whenever he spots a soccer ball. His tricks are very amazing, and any football player can really admit that. The only problem will be choosing the perfect position for him to play as a striker or a goal keeper since he does the two of them very well.

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