Every Day She Smiled At This Grumpy Old Man. One Day He Failed To Show Up, Then She Got A Call!

Anyone who has at any time worked as a waiter or waitress can inform you that it is not a simple task. It is harder than it may appear to those who have never done it, and one of the most complicated features is keeping on being cheerful and useful.

Melina Salazar had such a gift for keeping optimistic and tolerant that she was the only one on staff at her eatery who could handle their cranky usual Buck Swords. She had no idea that her friendliness would rather be compensated in a huge way.

Melina Salazar was a server at a Brownsville, an eatery where customers accepted her for her generous, welcoming service. She was the only attendant there who could take on the restaurant’s hardest to please regular.


Walter “Buck” Swords, a World War ll expert, was known for being quick-tempered, irritable, and intolerant with the eating place’s attendants. But, every single day for seven years, Melina took his request with a grin and served him his food just the way he wanted it.


One day, Buck did not come. He did not come the following day or the next day after that as well. Melina started to question if something was going on with to him and finally she was dejected to come across his announcement in the newspaper. Later she got a surprising call.


Pay attention as Melina gives details of what she found out after Buck passed on.

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