Every Driver Will Surely Love This Unique Innovation – What Do You Think?

Gates have the sole purpose of controlling entry and exit in particular locations across the world. They have varying operating mechanisms, but their functions remain the same. For instance, a traditional gate would require the driver to get out of the car and open the gate. Once inside, the driver will get out of the car and lock the gate.

Alternatively, one could invest in an electronic gate. Unlike the traditional gate, the electronic gate uses a remote sensor or keypad to allow access. Having an electronic gate would assume one has electricity or solar installation.

Well, here is another alternative. In the video below, a car is approaching the wooden slates of the gate. What happens next? The weight of the car pushes the incline flattening them in the process. We see the wooden gate splitting and opening up. The gate would not stop an intruder from accessing the property, but it gives some sense of security to outsiders.

Have you ever seen something like that? What are your thoughts? Do you know of any unique innovations?

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