Farmer’s Appealing Makeover Makes All Ladies Surprised – Watch Below!

People refer Jason, a farmer, to be a Halloween costume because of his looks. He wears a straw hat, worn out overalls and a long bleached goatee. According to them, he looks dirty. When he went to look for some farm equipment at Lowe’s, the Oprah team saw him. It never took them a second to realize the handsomeness hidden beneath the thick beard. They requested to perform a makeover on him of which he agreed. When the team finished doing the makeup on him, all the ladies in the show had to be stunned of how appealing he turned out to be.

The Oprah team did a makeover on him in that they never changed his style of being a cowboy. He still maintained the country idols and cowboys style but with a little bit of refinement. They gave him brand new cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Jason too was pleased with the makeover as he felt to be himself still. Actually, what the makeover professionals wanted the whole world to be aware of is his handsomeness that was hidden beneath the bushy beard.

Jason confessed to be feeling great. Watch the clip below to see the difference he gets after the makeover. Please SHARE with all your friends on Facebook!

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