Father And Daughter Perform Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”. This Is What We Call talent!

Word of advice; please be prepared for one of the most intriguing performances ever!

Charlene Nicholas a resident of Magherafelt, Ireland, posted a clip on YouTube that has gained popularity in a very short time, and the reasons are well understood. The clip is about Kevin, Charlene’s husband, and Charley, his daughter of 10 years. Even though she is a young girl still, she clearly demonstrates that she is talented.

I don’t understand if it is being a fanatic or what, as I always break down into tears wherever I happen to hear the love songs of Ed Sheeran. When Kevin and Charley started to sing one of the songs of Ed Sheeran named “Photograph,” I could not hold back the tears, as I cried like a baby. It seems that I am a pure ‘daughter’s daddy’ as I can’t help listening to song s like this especially when they are sang by a duo comprising of a dad and daughter!

Watch the amazing performance and listen to their sweet voices. Comment below to let us know if you felt the same way too!

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