Father Of 79 Years, With Alzheimer’s Remembers When He Sings With His 40 Year-Old Son!

If there is one thing we cannot evade in this world, it is illness. Okay, Alzheimer’s is considered to be a mental sickness of which the patient needs to take care of him/herself, the family included. The common characteristic of patients with Alzheimer’s, is that they gradually forget things including those that surround him/her. No cure has been found for this illness, and since it is a disease that deteriorates one with time, patients tend to worsen as time goes by. It’s very sad for a family to know that they are gradually losing one of their members while they are watching. One motivating thing is that these patients reach a certain time when they remember.

In the clip below, we meet Simon Dermott of 40 years old together with his dad named Ted. Simon Dermott strongly believes that his dad does remember when the right song is played. Basically, Ted was an entertainer for such a long time. This means that the music was part of his life, even the Alzheimer’s cannot make him fail to remember. When you look at the clip, you will see the two singing “Quando, Quando, Quando”. Defibately, Simon gets that feeling that his dad has come back and he is happy to be with him!

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