Fill Up Some 66,000 Cups With Water And Then Line Then Up Like This. Now Zoom Out The Camera And Feel Your Jaw Drop!

If there’s a group of people that does mysterious things, it’s the artists. These people are creative and innovative – to say the least.

The project in this cool clip might seem a bit out-of-place at first, but things start getting clear when the setup is laid out. Of course you don’t think much of people line up so many cups filled with water, but the end of it will blow your good mind.
So they arrange these cups and then add some food coloring in a strategic manner that makes sure the end result comes out as desired. That end result is better noticed when the camera is zoomed out, so they zoom it out. Now, that’s when you look at those cups and realize that whatever these guys were doing was all a nice plan. I can’t believe what I see!

Call it a good representation, and I’ll call a great piece of art from BELO Studio. It’s amazing, and you now want to watch this video and see how life begins. You’ll feel the need to SHARE this!


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