Film Makers Are Shocked How This 98 Year Old Woman Manages Though Alone On Daily Basis

Meet Mary Tony, an old woman of 98 years who still is very much alive and energetic.

Voyager is a filming team that paid Tony a visit at her apartment in Pennsylvania just to film what this elderly woman’s day looks like. She clearly speaks how her lonely life is without having the opportunity of interacting with her age mates at the nursing home.

When asked if she loved the lifestyle she had, she responded that it was not a worry for since she was lonely, and the only thing she had to worry about was how to keep herself busy.

She jokingly confessed that all she does is to get junk mails and strip them apart then put them in a bag and throw them in a garbage. She went on to say that if she never does anything, she was likely to become crazy. Good news is that Tony has an opportunity to enroll herself in an establishment that will occupy her from Monday to Friday. This establishment is none other than The Easton Area Lifestyle Campus (formerly the Easton Senior Center).

One of the campus official explained that at the center, the elderly people get to converse, do some activities together like shuffleboard and Wii bowling, and have some food. Hearing this, Tony is eagerly waiting for the next day to come for her to attend the senior center.

The filming team invites the senior workers to the apartment just see how Tony lives. One worker gets sentimental and confessed of not knowing that seniors like Tony lived such a lonely life isolated from other people. He said that after his wok, he only heads home.

This visit clearly portrays how vital it is to pay a visit to a person who has been lonely for a long time. Tony clearly expressed her gratitude for them having visited, saying that they made her day.

Study carried out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that older women like Tony who are of 75 years and over, who sum up to 46% prefer to live alone and this keeps on increasing with age.

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