Foster Parents Shock This Girl With Their Abrupt Decision, Her Reaction? Amazing!

There are people who really go through a lot of difficulties in this life. One of them is Meredith, a girl aged 19 years of age. She never saw or heard of her father and her mother who passed away when she was 6 years. She was brought up by her grandparents, then later she started to move from one home to the other.

While at high school, she created friendship with a female teacher called Anna. Anna made sure she had dug out Meredith’s background before giving her a chance to live with her family for a period of six months. Anna of 28 years, was married to a husband called Zach and had two kids. Sometimes Anna considered herself to be so young to be a mother of two kids, but decided to play the role of a foster mom to Meredith.

When she had completed the 6 months that Anna had invited her to live with them, Zach and Anna placed a camera in a room before calling Meredith into the room to have a serious chat. Since she knew her background and the hardships that she had gone through, she thought that another bad news had knocked her door. But little did she know that the couple wanted to…

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