Full Of Curiosity, This 5-Year-Old Boy Had To Do This… Amazing!

A young boy and his mom were taking their lunch in one local Waffle House when the unexpected happened. Josiah Duncan who is 5 years of age noticed one homeless man who was outside the restaurant. Josiah was full of curiosity and started asking his mom a lot of question about the mom.

The looks of the man perplexed him and wanted to know where the man’s family or home was. He even needed to know where the man kept his groceries. Ava went on and explained to her son all the questions he has asked her. She let him know what the term homeless means and when the little boy realized that, he requested his mother to buy the homeless man a meal.

They called the man into the Waffle House and went ahead and ordered a meal for him. Before the man started eating, Josiah went ahead and did something that made this clip viral. I don’t want to spoil it – you have to watch this clip to see what happened next.

This clip was recorded by Ava and you have to see how the watching customers reacted to the little boy’s acts. By the time the man had taken the meal and left, those who had watched the happening were touched and mom was proud of her son for what he had done.

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