Full Of Emotion, Steve Harvey Sees His Daughter Walk Down The Aisle

In most cases, every father has a special relationship with his daughter. That is the moment that a loving father is always waiting for. A father always hopes his daughter will grow to a virtuous girl and he will not let him down by being promiscuous, and not getting one loving man to care and show her love. And when she finally gets that man, the father is always hoping for the best. He hopes the marriage will last for her lifetime and she will not disappoint him nor her husband. He hopes that her husband will also love his daughter and will never find a reason not to.

That is something that many girls do not know about. That is why they never get to understand why their dads are always so strict with their boyfriends. What they do not know is that their fathers are just trying to make sure they get the right man. Someone responsible and who knows what his role is in the family.

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