Funny Grandparents Make Their Grandson Happy When They Do This… WOW!

Marriage is not marriage when you are not happy with your partner. But this is not the case for Renee and Emile who are happy married for 26 years now. They seem to be still newly married as they are happy to be together. Apart from this, the couple loves singing so much, and they usually do this when they are in the presence of their grandson.

In the clip below that was shot in 2014, you will see how loving they are with each other. It was during the vacations when the grandson had gone to visit them that they decided to make her happy. They placed a camera in their car and started to sing while riding to “Love Is An Open Door” from Disney’s Frozen.  What a spectacular duet! I bet that I have never seen such a wonderful performance as the two voices combine so perfectly!

There is no doubt that the grandson was more than pleased with them as he dances while on the car seat and shakes his head to the song. The grandfather revealed that his grandson must be a great fun of the film as he knows most of the songs in it. I bet this kid has the best grandparents on earth who are ready to do anything just to make him happy.

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