Generational Harmony Preached In Its Most Hilarious Manner. I’m Replaying This!

You see, we’re living in an era where we’ve to work while bridging a generational gap. There are the old – who don’t have much to do with technology – and then there are the young, who can’t do anything without technology. To be faithful, most young people have become slaves of their own phones!

But that’s all beside the main point here. The thing is, we don’t really need all these clashes with the older generation scolding the young for losing themselves to technology as the young shoot back against the old for having no clue about the current technological developments. We don’t need that, and one Micah Tyler knows that.

Now, Micah is a good singer, and he’s also the type of human with an attraction to hilarious stuff, so he’s here to “preach” about the need for harmony between the older and younger generations. But it’s just the way this guy has chosen to do it that’ll surely floor you. The tune, from one of the Beatles thrilling songs, is as hilarious as the lyrics themselves. Don’t skip this!

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