Girl Goes Onstage To Sing With Celine Dion, But Upon Opening Her Mouth… Unbelievable!

Charice managed to be the youngest and most loved singer in the music industry. She attained this in a very short period of time. But before becoming famous, Charice was like any other girl in the Philippines that loved to sing and adored Celine Dion.

Oprah shocked Charice in 2008, on her show, when she invited Celine Dion through satellite. Dion requested Charice to sing with her at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. This duet came to be perform after a few months had elapsed.

Before Celine sang her last song, she called Charice to the stage and introduced her. It took her 7 minutes to try to calm down her nervousness, before the duo started to sing “Because You Loved Me,” a song that was dedicated to Charice’s mother. It’s completely surprising how Charice sang the song, as she dropped the nervousness and took self-control. It made me sentimental to see the way her mother was happy of her to the extent of crying. This may be the reason why this clip has gone viral by receiving over 25 million views!

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