Girlfriend Wasn’t Expecting This From Her Marine Boyfriend. It Made Me Envious!

Long distance relationships are not for the faint at heart. Skype dates, arguments over miscommunication and crying yourself to sleep (when you miss them) characterize long distance relationships.

Meet a Marine officer working in Afghanistan. He tries to keep his love alive while serving in the military. Carson Krestow and Gabriela, his girlfriend, are miles apart. Gabriela stays in North Carolina.


Carson was done with his military service and was ready to return to North Carolina. However, he had a surprise for the love of his life.

He had nothing but a video camera on him. What was his plan? To document his journey back home as a vlog entry series. The trip was not an easy one; starting from Afghanistan to Kyrgyzstan to Germany and finally America.


The trip took a week. Caron wanted to call Gabriela when he landed. However, he did not call her as he planned a bigger surprise for her the following day.

Gabriela was watching a movie in the theater when Carson walked in with a bouquet of roses. Carson stood still like a statue and a crowd formed around him. When Gabriela walks out, she meets her boyfriend. What happened next was worth the entire journey. We salute you, Carson.

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