Gordon Ramsay Makes A Rookie Blunder For The First Time When He Appears On ‘Ellen’

Gordon Ramsay and Ellen DeGeneres have sandy blond hair that is short and one or two things in common. Despite that, the personalities of the two are quite the opposite.

We know Ellen as a charitable and cheerful comedian who has touched souls over time. On the other hand, Ramsay is famously known for his outbursts and colorful reputation.

On this day, Gordon had visited Ellen to take her through a delicious stir fry recipe. While in the studio, he keeps his cool and in the process slices his finger after he slips – it is the first time the famous chef has done that in 10 years.

The rookie blunder completely embarrasses Ramsay. He wanted to show off to Ellen the true technique that chefs use while in the kitchen and from the look of things Ellen must have been right to deem it dangerous.

The first time Ramsay winces in pain, Ellen thinks he is trying to joke around, but she soon discovers the messy predicament he has got into. Despite that, he somehow manages to complete the stir fry!

Watch the clip below and see how they still manage to make the unfortunate moment humorous.

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