Gordon Ramsey Went Live On TV And Pranked Everyone. The Reactions Are Hysterical!

To anyone who knows him, Gordon Ramsey isn’t just a man. He’s the guy that has taken cooking to the next level. Gordon is the host of Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen. Every time you see him on air, there’s a huge likelihood of some profanities flying around. On this occasion, he did take things a notch higher!

Gordon showed up for a session with Frank Skinner on the Nightly Show. No one knew what kind of mischief he was cooking behind everyone’s back, until he put his finger into a blender. Apparently, he wanted to “fix” the blades in the blender before he could switch it and complete his recipe. But as he put in his finger, one of his crew members switched on the blender!

A finger was gone. Just like that. Blood flowed and covered the whole blender. Everyone was shocked. You should see Frank’s face. While everyone was getting all worked up about the “accident,” Gordon leapt onto his feet with zero injuries. It’s a prank!

This video is bound to haunt the viewers for a long time. This guy really did them a fast one. Watch the clip here and SHARE!

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