Grandmothers Take Shots Of “Fireball” Whiskey, Upon Getting Tipsy… I Can’t Help Laughing!

During this festive season, people not only eat foods alone, but they drink too. We have people saying that they prefer beers other than spirits. But it is very rare to see old women chatting about alcohol. In the clip below, we see such a rare thing happen when these grandmothers decide to talk and drink some alcohol.

These old women get together and decide to try out some kind of whiskey called “fireball.” You can hear them speaking about their former habits of drinking and their favorite brands, but this time round they are trying the “fireball” Whiskey for their very first time. The best part is to listen to them talk after having some shots. Some say that it is a strong type of alcohol while others praise it to be a quality one.

Since this clip was posted, there have been a lot of comments. Many commentators have said that too much drinking is very dangerous to their organs more so when they are of old age, and they strongly hope that they will cease to drink. Others comments left reveal how funny the women were and wishing them a happy holiday season.

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