“Hallelujah” starts to play – then 12 girls look up with move bringing entire audience to tears

We have seen a lot of dancers on the web, who inspired us with their dance steps at different styles of dance categories.

Many talents have been witnessed in ballet dancing and many different musical genres, but the girls from the Whangarei Academy of Dance and Performing Arts are a real treat!

In one of the competitions, the girls stepped on the stage, then the song “Hallelujah” of the original artist Leonard Cohen began to play in the back.

Some watchers were so impressed by the fact that they said in the comments that this performance is something everyone should have seen at least once!

With the song “Hallelujah”, the dance performance of girls is a real treat for every eye, and with their dance, your day will surely be better in seconds.

Watch their beautiful routine in the video below.

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