Happy Ending As Rescuers Help Reunite Mother Elephant With Her Daughter!

Still there exists something named as tourist entertainment. Two elephants named Mebai and Mae Boon Sri from Thailand were being exploited with this kind of unrewarding work and deserted life.

At a tender age, Mebai was taken away from her mother and sold to the tourism industry. At the camp of tourists, she met with another elephant named Mae Boon Sri that took her as an adopted daughter.

It never took long for Mebai to go to a nearby Elephant Nature Park reservation, a change that was melancholic to her, since she had to part ways with her nanny mother.

A couple of years later, Mae was finally persuaded by the rescue team to leave the tourist camp. In order to reach her new sanctuary home, she had to take five days walking. This happened without the rescue team chaining her, just freely with her own legs. Upon reaching the sanctuary, Mebai with her fraternal mom were there waiting to give Mae a warm welcome. Mebai’s mother had been rescued too.

Almost immediately, Mae and Mebai hugged each other using their trunks. Mebai’s mom could notice the love her daughter had for this nanny elephant, which made her come forward to meet Mae too. The reunion resulted into shouts, screams and trumpets that would frighten anyone.

Touched were those present at the reuniting scene. Watch the video fully to see how the reunion went along. Please SHARE this happy ending clip with all your Facebook friends!


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