Have You Ever Thought Of Befriending A Stingray? This Video Is Unbelievable!

Stingrays are feared by most people because of their name and stories of people who have been stung by them. The question we should ask ourselves is? Are these animals dangerous as we have been lead to believe? The answer is no. They are actually quite friendly if you do not threaten them or cause them bodily harm. In fact, those who have been stung a few times were stung because of the simple fact that they stepped on them unknowingly. There could also be those who thought of tempting them to see if they indeed do sting.

In the video below, a young boy goes to the water at the edge of the water and waits for his friends to show up. They have developed some kind of a routine where they meet and the boy sometimes shares something with his special friend. This is one of the few things that you may have never know stingrays can do; to establish a mutual friendship between themselves and us. This is a challenge, go out and befriend a stingray.

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