He Captures A “Mad” Storm At His Backyard. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This!

Back in 2010, a YouTuber user uploaded a video that received over 7 million views over a shot time. You must want to know what was in that video, and that’s actually what we’re talking about here. Brace yourself for a few “Oh my Gods” and “Jeezs.” It’s about to get really stormy over here!

So this guy is just having some fun at home, and there’s this storm coming. Beatlefanxxl and his family were just enjoying the view of the storm and its nasty nature, but they had absolutely no idea what was actually coming at them, until it actually started happening!

Suddenly, the storm turned dark, the sky burst open and put on gloomy appearance. But the “action” didn’t end there. Things got even thicker when hailstones the size of a golf-ball started falling in the family yard. That must have been very shocking a scary for the family, so you can understand the many “Oh my Gods” uttered. Even the guy admits to never seeing anything like that before. It’s phenomenal!

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