He Closed Down His Restaurant Business, The Reason? I’m Happy For Him!

It is very true that no one can stop you from doing what you like. The clip you are about to watch will surely touch you a great deal. For a long time, Tim Harris thought that the Albuquerque restaurant was his whole life until something happened in his life and changed him totally.

The Albuquerque restaurant located in New Mexico was a booming business that Tim was operating. Just to tell you a little bit of Tim is that he was born with Down Syndrome and for the five years he had opened the restaurant, nothing seemed to attract his attention in any way. But things changed when he got in love with a woman called Tiffany, who he had met at Down syndrome convention. The love he had for Tiffany made him close down the restaurant and relocate to Colorado to go and start a new life with her. This was a hard decision for Tim, but he had to do it. He said that he hoped to open a restaurant in Denver. His consoling words were that he needed someone in his life who could make him happy when he feels sad and lonely.

On the other side, Tiffany confessed that Tim was full of love. You can just see the two were meant for each other when Tiffany falls in his arms at the airport. She had to recall how afraid she was when she met Tim for the first time. For Tim, he said that he just sees love and happiness when she looks at Tiffany.

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