He Dumped Her For His Secretary. Her Revenge? Brilliant!!

After four decades of marriage, Jake broke his wife’s heart. He left her for his young secretary. He even kicked Edith out of the house. What she did? You need to know this!


So it’s her last day in the house. Edith has packed and called the movers. She then sits down to enjoy one more shrimp and some caviar in her home.


Next, she dips some pieces of shrimp in the caviar and stuffs them into the curtain rods. She moves out. Edith is about to make history!


After a few days, the whole mansion started smelling really awful. The odor was so strong that Jake and his new young wife had to get a fat loan to buy another house. In fact, no one even wanted to buy the mansion. Even the plumbers turned down calls and the maid quit. Then Edith played her card!


She offered to slash her divorce settlement in exchange for the house, which was, at the time and because of the stink, valued at just 10% its actual price. Jake jumped at the chance thinking that she had no idea about the stinking mansion.


Well, she took the deal within the day, and Jake and his new lady moved out. Funny enough, they took the stinking curtain rods with them!


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