He Had No Idea What Had Happened To Him As A Kid. When He Finds Out? What!

When Julian Hernandez went to fill out his college applications, he had no idea the kind of truths he was about to unearth. At the time, he had just turned 18, and he wanted to join college, but his social security number didn’t math his name. Turns out, his dad had changed names after taking off with him when he was a kid. What?!

As the truth unravels, Julian gets to learn that his dad had taken him with him to Ohio at 5 years of age. His mom had searched for the kid everywhere, with hundreds of tips streaming in but none of them led anywhere near Julian. Well, 12 years later, his mom finally finds him!

Julian’s dad was arrested, but the teen couldn’t sit back and watch him get thrown into prison. He needed him in his life. He told the judge that taking his dad away was the same as putting him through what he underwent growing up without a mom again. He couldn’t handle that a second time.

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