He Has 17 Freezers In His House. Reason? It’s Really Heartwarming!

At 12 years of age, Allan Law knew he was born to help others. He grew up with that in his mind. He even went into teaching to help students in their education. When he retired, Law started doing what he had always wanted to. He got 17 freezers and put them in his room!

Before you think it’s weird, you should first find out why this man has all those things in his home. When you finally realize that he stores sandwiches to distribute to the needy, you’ll love this guy. In fact, he bought a minivan for just that purpose. You’re touched!

Just last year, this guy gave out over half a million sandwiches to the needy. Many local businesses offered to help him in his passion. Every night, Law packs his van with food and goes out to give it out. You must love this man!

Check out this video and get the full story here. It’s so nice to think that there are people who haven’t given up on humanity. People like Allan Law!

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