He Has A Small School Flag, And Then He Decides To Join The Color Guard From Afar. Don’t Miss!

For a 3-year-old like Maximus, living large in his young life is his mantra. For that to work properly, this little kid won’t let any chance pass him even if it means having to do his stuff at the sidelines. You love that, but you’ll love this kid even more when you see this video!

So it happened that there was a match at school, and Maximus was present, cheering for his best team and enjoying the play. When the time came to break for the halt-time, a color guard stepped into the field to keep the audience lively as they waited for the match to resume. Needless to say, Maximus found the color guard’s performance very thrilling, and he decided to join in!

Watch as the kid whips out his small school flag and proceeds to mimic the color guard’s performance with the precision of the smartest little being in the neighborhood. By the end of this, you can bet you’ll be in love with little Maximus. He’s amazing!

Watch the full video and drop your comments.

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