He Has Speech Delays, But Wait And See What He Does When His Mom Collapses

Everybody has that one person that crosses the mind when the word hero is mentioned. It can be someone you wish to be, but you do not know, or it is a person that you have a close connection with that you adore. Your explanation or understanding of hero can only be factual to you. And that is something good.

Nevertheless, I’m sure all of you can concur that this young boy you are going to watch in the video below is also a great hero.

Guy, who is only three years, knows what he should do if there is an emergency. When Guy’s mother collapsed while having a seizure, the little boy did not get frightened.

This little boy did not run away, shed tears or sit and wait for the next action. He dialed 911. It may appear like he did nothing but for a boy of his age and with speech delays, it is the greatest thing he could achieve.

I don’t think when I was three years I would have thought of doing what he did. Yet he did it! Even when the person on the other side could not get what he was communicating, Guy did not despair. He made sure the operator understood what he was saying, and he got help, an ambulance.

His mother speaks about Guy’s braveness, and how the family feels about him. If they didn’t adopt this brave boy, who knows what would have happened.

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