He Narrates His Bullying Experience During The Assembly, And It’ll Leave You With A Very Deep Feeling. I’m Touched!

Bullying in school is perhaps the worst experience any child can go through, and every parent as well all school management authorities are always working to counter this emotional dragon. When a kid is bullied, they get emotionally affected, sometimes to a point of running away from school. Some of them have even resulted to suicides, and that’s a shocker to any parent.

In this clip, one kid comes out to narrate his own experience, and he does it in the most opportune moment of all. The Benicia Middle School is in California, and on this particular occasion, one Michael Pritchard had come to the school to talk about bullying and its very negative effects.

He had the crowd on floor, laughing at his jokes, when this kid started his story. What happened next is something to be silent about. The kind of story the young man narrated sounded like a script from a horror story, sending everyone in a shock.

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