He Requests Her Sick Little Sister For A Dance For The First Time, Then… Magical!

When Rebekah was six years of age, the doctors diagnosed her to be having myelodysplastic syndrome. This is some type of cancer that inhibits the bone marrow from generating healthy blood cells. The medication she is receiving had not yet worked for her. For this reason, her older brothers are seeing to it that she enjoys her remaining time as best as possible.

When Valentine’s Day was approaching, AJ, Rebekah’s elder brother of 15 years, was preparing for a dance. But he never had in mind to invite his classmate for a dance, but her sister was all he was thinking of. He aired the plan to his parents. The reasons as to why he decided to pick on Rebekah was that she stood a very minimal chance of ever attending a high school, being invited for a date or a dance. Printing the family’s slogan; “Unbroken, brave and blessed” on a large poster, he went ahead to ask Rebekah for a dance of which she agreed.

But before she went with her older brother to his school for a dance, the whol efamily spent a day of preparing and taking her photos.

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