He Saw A Facebook Post And Rushed Out To Do This… Deserved Hero!

James was just surfing and catching up with stuff of Facebook when he bumped on a post that ended up turning him and his dad into heroes. This story is so inspiring!

So James reads this post about some deer stranded on the ice. The good man knew he had to do something immediately, so he went out and fetched his dad. The two men then readied their hovercraft and headed out to Albert Lea Lake, Minnesota, for a rescue mission. Awesome!

They get there, and there are these 3 deer, all unable to even stand up and scamper for safety. Their legs are weak with the freezing cold and the numbing feel of the frozen ice lake.  James and his dad get a rope and proceed to tie each deer and pulling them off to the dry land in turns. And that’s how the three poor creatures lived to see another day, all because these two men had big hearts.

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