He Stuns Many In The Streets When He Does This To His 33 Arranged Glasses… So Clever!

I’m sorry to say this, but music in the old days was very interesting than today when there are many musical instruments but the musicians are repeating the same thing all the time.

Out there, there are many musicians who are very talented and use inventions instead of musical instruments, like the one in the clip below.

Actually, this invention is known to be having many names like: ghost fiddle, angelic organ, glass harp and musical glasses. History has it that Richard Pockrich was the one who invented the contraption back in 1741 and he used it to stun a pair of men who had come to arrest him.

In the video below, we see a man use this invention to wonderfully perform the Campanella song. You need to see how this man is surrounded by a large multitude of people as he plays on the glasses.

The trick here is that different cup sizes with certain different amount of water produce various notes. Just as any musician, he also tests his instrument by wetting his finger, trying out some notes before finally setting out to play the Campanella rendition.

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