He Taught His Little Girl To Play Guitar, But Watching Them Is Pure Magic!

We have come across several videos of young and talented girls online who are doing extraordinary things. The clip below is not exceptional either.

The recording is about an exceptionally little girl named Ayu Gusfanz. At ten years old, she made this fantastic cover with her father. Her dad wanted to have a shared interest in this young girl, so he began tutoring her how to play guitar. As it proved to be the case, he did an exceedingly excellent job! Wait until you see how the incredible Ayu is.

Both, Ayu and her father perform Eagles’ Hotel California in this clip. The manner this ten years old played surprisingly left her dad in admiration. Together they take turns paying different portions of the song. And as you can observe, it appears lie they are having fun with each other’s companionship. Did this daddy-daughter duo make a fantastic edition?

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