He Wanted To Put His Bird Inside The Carrier. What It Did? HILARIOUS!

Many pets hate the idea of being put inside their carriers or bags. My puppy for instance, gives me that unhappy look whenever it sees the carrier. It has developed a tendency of running away but later it realizes it has to give up.

When the hilarious Cockatoo puppy, sees his bag on the floor ready to carry him, watch the look it gives its owner. The owner however is ready with his camera and captures his reaction … and it is incredible!

The owner explains how Max hates the carrier as he knows it is time to pay the vet a visit. Max tries to use its squawks and gibberish language to communicate to get his way out.

The funniest part of the clip is when Max runs away and climbs the stairs, opening the basement door and running away from the scene. The night before, tornado had warned that the owner must have the carrier ready when entering the basement.

The cockatoo is just but a sass. So funny!

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