He Wanted To Run From Home, And Then This Officer Shows Up And Does This. Great!

When his family had to make an unexpected move from Texas to South Carolina, 13-year-old Cameron Simmons found himself in a rather bad situation. He got so perturbed that at one point, he decided to run away from home!

But before actually taking the step, Cameron decided to call 911, so he did, and one Officer Gaetano Acerra came to answer the call. So Cameron told him about his plans and even showed the officer into his bedroom. What the cop found in there shocked him!

Cameron’s room was literally empty – his few clothes in a trash bag, no bed, nothing! There and then the cop went out on a mission to change things for this good family. In 3 weeks’ time, Cameron’s family would be getting quite a pleasant surprise. The officer showed up with a bed for Cameron, a game, a TV, chair, desk, and a number of other important stuff. Great!

This officer’s act of kindness quickly went viral and people started making contributions to help Cameron’s family. Awesome!

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