He Was Dearly Missing His Father During His 50th Birthday. What He Planned Was Unbelievable!

When one turns 21 years old, the idea of holding a birthday party starts to lose its spark. At 25 years old, a milestone age for most people, such a celebration sends many to a quarter-life crisis. It’s important to keep in mind that aging is a blessing and we have to be thankful for each day we get. It’s an opportunity to be better than we were the previous day.

Turning fifty is a big milestone for everybody. Hopefully at that age, you will have made several accomplishments like successfully raising your family, and being surrounded by loved ones and friends. Such was the case for the man in the video when he was celebrating his 50th birthday. His family and friends were there. However, his son, a soldier, deployed and on duty, was not among them.

The son had thought about it and decided to send a message. He recorded himself in a video and sent the message. As he had thought, his dad had tears of joy flowing when he saw it; the only sad part was that he couldn’t hug his son for such a hearty message.

Check what happened next when his son, whom they all thought was on duty walked through the door.

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