He Was Worried With His Grandpa’s “Wandering” Condition. What He Comes Up With? He’s Worth The Applause!

Those who have been around people with Alzheimer know how distressing and terrifying this disease is.

The grandfather of one 15 years of age boy named Kenneth Shinozuka was a victim of this disease. Kenneth and his family live in New York City and were always stressed by the old man’s whereabouts. He needed to come up with a solution as soon as possible to solve their stress. He started to conceive a plan of solving the trouble.

Victims of the disease are known to wake up at night and wonder to wherever their feet can take them to. The boy decided to come up with a sensor which he was to place at his grandfather’s foot. The sensor was supposed to give an alert whenever his grandfather wakes from his sleep and starts walking.  He named his invention as the “Safe Wander” device.

The boy thought he was solving a family problem but ended up winning the Science in Action and at the time this article was being written, he was one of the participants of the Google Science Fair of 2014.  Within the United States, a patient is diagnosed with the condition every 67 seconds and thus this device is so relevant.

This boy’s amazing invention deserves to be SHARED, kindly do so!


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