Her Brother Suffers From Down’s Syndrome But She Has This Sweet Message For Him… WOW!

Have you ever come across a person with Down syndrome? If so, never get afraid of them from today for they are one of the most adorable people you can ever wish to be with.

No one ever wishes to get a disabled member in his or her family, due to the hardship encountered in raising them. This following sad story is of a baby abandoned by her mother, but her father came to her rescue.

Ace Eicher is a 5-year old girl whose understanding surpasses most adults. When she speaks of her brother, Archie, who is a victim of Down syndrome, you can’t believe how she does it. She further goes on and gives details about him. When he was born, he was abandoned in an orphanage by his parents. Archie was very lucky to be adopted by a loving family.

Ace tries to give an explanation of her brother as we can observe in the video, although it’s clearly seen that she doesn’t fully comprehend him. She clearly demonstrates the urge that she has for her brother to sit and have the capability to play with her.

She is seen fighting to demonstrate to the universe that even though her brother is odd, he has the right to be treated equally as other people.

This video drives home the idea that little kids are like a reminder of how we should live and relate with each other. Do you agree with this idea?

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