Her Facebook Post Made Her The Most Hated Mom In The World, Just For Doing This…

One mom from Erksine, Scotland experienced what no parent will wish to go through. Courtney Stewart’s 2-year-old son has Down syndrome and it was when she was babysitting the toddler that it all happened.

The sight of the washing machine made the little boy fascinated. Since the machine was not plugged in Stewart thought there was no problem for the little boy to play with the appliance. So she allowed the little boy to climb into and took photos of the same which she later posted on her Facebook account.

A moment later when strangers viewed the photo, they concluded that Stewart was out to hurt her son. Someone called child services and soon the police showed up at her home. After doing their investigation, they never found anything suspicious.

At some point, she was physically assaulted by a neighbor who showed up at her home. Later, the neighbor was arrested and charged with assault. If you are familiar with the recent trend known as “parent shaming,” then Stewart was a victim of that. It is where parents are misunderstood and bullied by people who think their decisions are wrong and yet they have not caused any sort of harm.

Below we see her appear on The Morning Show and explain everything that happened. What do you think about the whole incident?

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