Her Hubby Calls To Say He Missed Their Anniversary, And Then He Does This To Her! WOW!

They say love is like a cough. You just can’t hold it back! See the proof!

Ellen is busy running her show when someone calls her. It’s Chris Banford of the Army National Guard, and it’s all about Mary!

Mary is among the audience, winding away her time and patiently following the show, and now she’s suddenly the show!

Chris goes on to apologize for the fact that he missed their wedding anniversary (the tenth, by the way), which he says is actually the first one he missed. Everyone is now almost tearing up!

Surprisingly, Chris would love it if Ellen can help fix things and the show host agrees without question. The show continues, but things get hotter at one point when dear Mary is presented with a brand new car!

It doesn’t end there, and the video will show you just how beautiful things get after that. What happens will have you making positive noises!

Watch the full clip and tell us what you think about this great story and Mary’s moment of a life time. Drop us a comment and please SHARE on Facebook and let your friends watch too!


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