Her Son Died Sometime Back, But She Still Can Listen To His Heartbeat, It’s Moving!

Back in 2013, Heather encountered one of the worst nightmares any parent can think of. Lucas, her son who was 7 months old at that time died while being watched over by a babysitter. She never wanted any parent out there to experience the same pain and made the decision of donating Lucas’s organs to three people who dearly needed them.

Jordan, a 4-year-old girl was one of those saved by the donated organs. Jordan had a congenital heart problem and had spent a number of years inside a health facility. This video features an emotional meeting whereby Heather is meeting Jordan who is accompanied by her family. With the help of a stethoscope which is placed against the chest of Jordan, she is able to hear the heartbeat of her son Lucas.

As reported by Donate Life, in 2014, around 24,000 organ transplants were made possible by over 8500 deceased donors. Unfortunately, there is still around 21 people who die on a daily basis because the organs they need are not found in time.

Which parent will ever forget such an emotional moment? Please watch the touching story in the clip below and remember to SHARE with your Facebook friends the incredible moment!


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